We negotiate and draft agreements for financing, development, construction and management of new and existing gaming facilities. We reach memorandums of understanding with local governments and successfully negotiate Class III gaming compacts with states.

Economic Development & Diversification

Our Firm assists tribal governments in the development of diverse economic enterprises to invest in infrastructure and support governmental programs. We provide advice on the formation of tribal economic development corporations and assist tribes to invest in business interests ranging from restaurants and hotels, to retail shopping centers and energy generation facilities.


We are a premier law firm representing Indian tribes and enterprises in financing transactions. We are responsible for over $2 Billion in financing for Indian Tribes throughout the United States, including taxable and tax-exempt bond financing, traditional loans, lease financings, short-term obligations, mergers and acquisitions, letters of credit and lines of credit.


As an important part of our practice, we represent our tribal clients in litigation in federal, state and tribal courts, as well as before federal administrative agencies and boards that have jurisdiction over Indian affairs. We advocate to protect our tribal clients’ rights and interests, including but not limited to: assertions of tribal civil and/or […]

Government Affairs

We assist Indian tribes in building relationships with federal policymakers. In Washington, D.C., we advocate for tribal interests before all variety of federal agencies, such as the Department of the Interior, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, Human and Health Services, the National Indian Gaming Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and more.

Internal Tribal Relations & Tribal Sovereignty

We understand that protecting tribal sovereignty is essential to our tribal clients. We actively defend tribal jurisdiction to protect tribal resources, assert sovereign immunity, and promote tribal taxing authority.

Tribal Housing

We have extensive experience with the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996, PL 104-330, (“NAHASDA”) and implementing regulations in all areas of tribal housing administration and management. We are also familiar with maintaining compliance with USDA Rural Development administered housing and can advise in the area of housing developments using innovative resources […]

Tribal Human Resource Management

We have experience with the development of tribal government and tribal business human resource management, drafting and reviewing personnel policies and employment agreements, and structuring employment relationships. We are also familiar with drafting and maintaining compliance with tribal law, including Native American hiring and promotion preference, Tribal Employment Rights Office and Workers Compensation ordinances.

Land Use Planning and Administration

We have wide-ranging experience in land use and planning administration legal services.  We have worked extensively with the Helping Expedite and Advance Responsible Tribal Home Ownership Act of 2012 (“HEARTH Act”), including drafting leasing regulations to submit for Secretary of the Interior for approval as well as the submission process.

Tribal Energy

We are all connected. Energy powers our societies, governments, and economies. Rosette, LLP attorneys have successfully provided tribal leaders, tribal partnerships, businesses, investors and political leaders with real world solutions regarding the concerns they confront. Our proven team is strategic, trustworthy, disciplined and cost-effective.

Tribal Education

We understand that the cornerstone to every tribe’s long-term success and the key to building tribal sovereignty depends on the education of our future Native American generations. We passionately support our Native American children by providing representation of tribal schools, state impacted schools, and charter schools, and assist our clients with numerous issues, including but […]