Tribal Human Resource Management

We have experience with the development of tribal government and tribal business human resource department, drafting and reviewing personnel policies and employment agreements, and structuring employment relationships. We are also familiar with drafting and maintaining compliance with tribal law, including Native American hiring and promotion preference, Tribal Employment Rights Office and Workers Compensation ordinances. We have developed a unique expertise in the development, drafting, and implementation of personnel policies as well as employee handbooks and associated employment forms necessary to advance the success of tribal businesses while supporting the growth and development of tribal employees. Further, we understands that tribal businesses face challenges unique from state and local businesses, including the need to protect tribal assets, to use revenue to support essential government services, and to provide jobs and job security to tribal members. Our knowledge of issues affecting tribal communities, and, in particular, tribal businesses, has resulted in many successes in the representation of tribal human resources departments and employment clients in everything from handling day-to-day to employment and labor matters to defending against complaints received from federal and state employment agencies.