Internal Tribal Relations & Tribal Sovereignty

We understand that protecting tribal sovereignty is essential to our tribal clients. We actively defend tribal jurisdiction to protect tribal resources, assert sovereign immunity, and promote tribal taxing authority.

We represents Tribal Councils, Gaming Commissions, Tribal Courts, personnel committees, housing and utility authorities, clinics, and election boards. We aid in the administration of tribal programs and departments such as fiscal departments, education services, housing, and cultural preservation. We procure self-determination contracts for programs such as water projects, sanitation facilities construction, health services, law enforcement, tribal courts, social services and transportation.

We work with tribal governments on constitutional development and reform. We also serve as legislative counsel, drafting tribal policies, ordinances, and regulations. We have experience with implementation of federal law that enhance tribal jurisdiction such as VAWA, SORNA and TLOA. We have experience in developing tribal justice systems and other regulatory oversight bodies. We are familiar with tribal election processes and procedures as well as election ordinance drafting and andling election disputes and challenges to ensure positive outcomes for Indian communities in which we serve. We regularly handle Indian Child Welfare cases as well as internal child protection matters. We have served in the capacity of both prosecutor and defense counsel, corporate governance specialist and administrative hearing liaison. We have represented tribal clients and advised in matters related to worker compensation and unemployment benefits.