Tribal Housing

We have extensive experience with the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996, PL 104-330, (“NAHASDA”) and implementing regulations in all areas of tribal housing administration and management. We are also familiar with maintaining compliance with USDA Rural Development administered housing and can advise in the area of housing developments using innovative resources such as New Market Tax Credits. We have developed a unique expertise in the development, drafting and implementation of occupancy and housing assistance program policies as well as landlord, tenant and housing ordinances and lease documents necessary to advance the success of housing programs within tribal communities. We also understand the unique role played by tribally-designated housing entities (“TDHE”) under both NAHASDA and tribal law, and frequently counsels tribal housing departments or TDHE clients on how to more effectively communicate housing needs to tribal government and federal officials. Due to our professionalism and deep understanding of issues affecting tribal communities, and, in particular, tribal housing, we have experienced many successes in the representation of tribal housing departments and TDHE clients in enforcement of tribal law and policy from minor policy violations up to and including eviction matters.