Economic Development & Diversification

Our Firm assists tribal governments in the development of diverse economic enterprises to invest in infrastructure and support governmental programs. We provide advice on the formation of tribal economic development corporations and assist tribes to invest in business interests ranging from restaurants and hotels, to retail shopping centers and energy generation facilities. In recent years, a large part of our practice has focused on e-commerce and the unique opportunities available to Indian tribes and businesses in harnessing the power of the Internet to expand their economic footprint off reservation. We are known for out out-of- the box thinking and deep understanding of the principles of tribal sovereignty and its boundless advantages to Indian tribes and tribal businesses.

We also advise our clients in project development, competitive bidding, procurement, environmental issues and employment law. We are experienced in taxable and tax-exempt bond financing, traditional lending, lease financing, short-term obligations, letters of credit and lines of credit. We assist our clients to ensure compliance with SEC reporting deadlines and other relevant filings. We draft tribal tax codes, assist tribes to enforce tribal tax laws and advise tribes in disputes regarding collection. We also regularly assist tribes to structure businesses in order to mitigate any federal or state taxes. We have an active practice in helping tribes develop their natural resources, including oil, gas, coal and alternative energy production.